Welcome to the online home of WORKNGSD. Our five-acre farm is in Barberton, Ohio, Coventry Township, which is located in Northeast Ohio, near Akron. The farm features a variety of facilities for training dogs to herd sheep, along with providing several other services. Dogs are taught herding training by Tonya Haney, well-known and experienced dog handler, who has bred, trained, and shown countless champion German Shepherds. She doesn’t just work with German Shepherds – Tonya provides herding training to all breeds of herding dogs.

Watch Tonya training Riley, a Showdown Australian Shepherd, to herd sheep out of a packed pen:

BOOKING A LESSON WITH TONYA HANEY. Phone Number: (330) 606-3168. To schedule herding training lessons or barn hunt practice sessions, or to ask Tonya about other services she offers, please call or text her phone. She spends many hours outside each day in lessons or working around the farm and keeps the phone close by. Thank you!

BARN HUNT PRACTICE SESSIONS – $10: You can schedule Barn Hunt practice sessions just like herding training lessons – both may even be scheduled on the same day during months the practice course is set up! You never have to wait for special days to herd sheep or hunt rats at WORKNGSD. For more in-depth Barn Hunt information, you can visit their main Barn Hunt Association Website.

WORKNGSD RECOMMENDS: AuCaDo Australian Cattle Dog Rescue Michigan – AuCaDo Australian Cattle Dog Rescue is always looking for qualified dog owners to give their rescues loving homes. Meet their dogs and maybe you will decide that you would like to add one to your family! For more information, you can visit their main AuCaDo Website or their AuCaDo Australian Cattle Dog Rescue Michigan Facebook Page.

WORKNGSD RECOMMENDS: Ohio Cattle Dog Rescue Team (OCDRT) – Australian Cattle Dogs have always found themselves in shelters, so the need to have a network for them in Ohio is great. After OCDRT takes in an ACD, OCDRT then completes all the vetting, does evaluations, does necessary training, and when the ACD is ready, offers them for adoption to approved homes. For more information, you can visit their main OCDRT Website or their Ohio Cattle Dog Rescue Team Facebook Page.

WORKNGSD RECOMMENDS: Raw Meat Diets – Our dogs are kept at optimal health and conditioning by being fed a Raw Meat Diet from the moment they are able to be weaned – we recommend it 100%. To learn more, you can go to our Raw Meat Diet page for links to websites, articles, and videos on Raw Meat Diets.