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JC Rocketman of Lee Ray CGC, HT, PT, HSAs

About Rocket:


JC Stormtrooper of Lee Ray HT, PT, HSAs, HIAs, HXAs, JHD, HTD I, STDs, OTDs, ATDs, STDd, CGC

About Trooper:


Leerays Jo Deacons Masterpiece HT, RAE, GN, GO, CDZ, CGC, THD

About Deacon: DN 14304501. 11/09/2005. By: Hickoryhill’s Galveston of Edan – Ch Gone N Done It of Lee Ray. Owners: JoAnne Henry and Cathy Kaltenbach.


Tash Val Born on the Bayou of Lea Rae* CGC

About Voodoo: DN 28097902. 3/21/2010. By: Bleibtreu’s Ransom of Coda – Tara’s On The Edge of Lea Rae* HTADs I, HSAs, HIAs.


* LEA RAE formerly known as LEE RAY