Other Services

In addition to Herding Training, Tonya Haney, owner of WORKNGSD FARM, also provides several other types of training services, along with having an in-ground pool for use during therapeutic swimming sessions with your dog. Learn more about these additional services below:

BARN HUNTS: We provide practice Barn Hunt events to help prepare your dog for AKC sanctioned Barn Hunts. Your dog will be training to locate rats (safely enclosed in aerated tubes) hidden in a straw or hay bale maze. Sanctioned Barn Hunts are timed events with three different dog height divisions. Teams can get titles, placements, and championships. Available from January to December.

CARTING: Dogs of any size can be trained in the art of dog carting. The weight pulled and the size of the cart is chosen based on the dog’s size. A general rule of thumb indicates that a dog can pull up to three times his own weight in a wheeled cart. Carting is a great activity when done for competition, exercise, or fun. Available from March to October.

DOCK DIVING: Dock Diving (or jumping) is a sport where dogs compete in events measuring their jumping distance and height. Competitions are held in regulation dock diving pools or in natural bodies of water. We train in our 20 x 40 in-ground swimming pool, and also train using the dock at nearby Portage Lakes State Park. Available from June to October.

TRACKING: It’s natural behavior for dogs to track a scent, but specialized training teaches your dog to stay better focused on completing a specific tracking task without becoming easily distracted. Dogs can be taught to track professionally, for competition in tracking trials, or just for fun. Available from January to December.

THERAPEUTIC SWIMMING: WORKNGSD FARM has an outdoor 20 x 40 in-ground swimming pool available for Therapeutic Swimming sessions to help with canine rehabilitation and strength building, while also providing an enjoyable way for your dog to get some general exercise too. Available from June to October.

WEIGHT PULLING: Weight Pulling is a great sport for all breeds of dogs, and generally involves your dog pulling a set amount of weight on a sled or cart for an indicated amount of feet in a limited amount of time. Weight Pulling can be practiced here at the facility year-round – call if interested in this option. Available by request for special events. We also hold non-sanctioned, fun Weight Pulling Days periodically.

IN-HOUSE TRAINING / BOARDING: Flat Monthly Rate: $500. Your dog can live like one of our family, and train like a champion to excel in upcoming competitive events. During your dog’s month-long stay, he or she will receive daily personalized training sessions and a diet formulated to bring out the best performance. In addition, your dog will spend free time in our home and on our farm – not a kennel – and have time to play and socialize with us and our dogs. Contact us for more information on this special opportunity!